Envirotex Services - Bulk Ice Melt

Bulk Ice Melt products by Envirotex

- Control Ice Quickly and Efficiently on a Limited Budget

- Alternative to Sand and Salt

Too often, maintenance directors respond to ice emergencies with sand and salt without consideration to the hidden cost associated with this short sighted solution. Don't let this be you! Be informed about the full range of short-term and long-term effects of the ice control solution you choose.
EnviRoad Meltdown 20 and EnviRoad Thaw liquid products are the choice of successful maintenance directors in departments of transporation and municipalities. Better than salt!
EnviRoad ice control reduce application rates, truck trips, labor, eliminate cleanup, and reduce corrosive damage to vehicles and expensive bridges and roads come spring.
  • Short term: Don't have to stretch resources and equipment
  • Short term: Don't have to endanger crews by working them 24/hrs a day
  • Short term: NO leftover waste after freeze!
  • Long term: Stop creating future repairs as a result of salt corrosion!
  • Long term: Friendly to the environment
  • Tradtional methods of using salt to control your ice are both expensive in time and damage to the existing pavement. General spread rates for salt are 800 lbs per lane mile, requiring multiple trips from the spreader trucks back to the stock piles to cover the lane miles.
  • Meltdown 20, by virtue of using only 100 lbs per lane mile, covers 8 times the amount!
  • Rate of bounce: When you spread salt on the road out the back of a spreader truck, 40-50% of that salt bounces out of the traffic lanes onto the road edge and is wasted. The Rate of bounce of Meltdown 20 is 30% less than salt, significantly reducing wasted product.
  • Eutectic point: Salt is inneffective at 26 degrees - if it's colder than 26 outside salt won't melt the ice. Meltdown 20 will still melt ice at temps as cold as 0 degrees.
  • Cleanup: When you spread salt and sand there is a great expense in cleaning it up - after the freeze has ended all the leftover sand and salt have to be swept up. Meltdown 20 melts to infinity - there is no cleanup.
  • Meltdown 20 is 90% less corrosive than salt, greatly reducing deterioration to vehicles and expensive bridges and roadways. Using salt in the winter, which eats up pavement, results in increased repairs come spring, greatly increasing your expense to maintain and preserve the pavement year round.
    Smart winter solutions reduce springtime problems.

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